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In 1958, under the pastorate of Rev. Seymore H. Barker, members of Jones Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal Church decided to form the Jones Tabernacle Federal Credit Union (JTFCU) for the benefit of its members, their families and the community. Jasper Currie, Audrey Pittman, Robert Wells and Mildred Lofton were among the first board of directors; early members included Albert Wilson, Josephine Dreden, Beckman Tucker, Nettie Mack and Janie Cooper.

Today, JTFCU has more than $230,000 in assets and pays quarterly dividends based on the amounts in respective member accounts. Additionally, insurance is provided on any type of loan to customers without additional charges or costs. JTFCU also provides life and automobile insurance to its members at very affordable rates. And like all credit union savings, the national Credit Union Administration (NCUA) insures your money.

JTFCU is owned and operated by its members and shareholders who graciously volunteer their time, resources and professional expertise. What does that mean for you? It's simple: as a member of the JTFCU, you are a very integral part of a larger family whose common bond is serving each other! So there is no better time to join than today!

Because there are no stockholders, all net earnings after expenses are paid in dividends to you. That means your savings will grow even faster! Other advantages of becoming a member of the JTFCU include: A full line of deposit services in savings accounts, Christmas and Vacation Clubs and loans; low interest rates, financial planning, investment advice and direct deposit. We strongly encourage you to open an account today and take full advantage of all the financial benefits and services available to you!

Don't wait! Contact the Jones Tabernacle Federal Credit Union today for more information!


JTFCU Board of Directors
Credit Committee
Supervisory Committee
John J. Griswold  President
Marsha Johnson  Secretary
Roberta Donaldson  Treasurer/ Bookkeeper
Naomi Bryce
Marcia Palmer
Betty Wilmore
James Slaughter
John Culp
Joan B. Garrett

Staff Members
Naomi Bryce
Joan B. Garrett

Marsha Palmer
Betty Wilmore

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